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Pink Cake is playfully erotic illustrations for discerning ladies and gentlemen. That's because I want to make art that is erotic and beautiful without being pretentious or stuffy. I'm a sex positive feminist who wants to make erotica that women love, and men enjoy too.

Pink Cake is the celebration of the female body and female sexuality and embraces the fact that every woman is a lady and a little bit slutty at the same time. As for me, I'm a woman and an independent artist (and web developer) who wants to develop my art and also create something for everyone to enjoy.


If you'd like to read more random rantings by me, please visit my blog.


These drawings are wonderful! How can I contribute?
Ask for a commission here! Or simply:

What is your process for drawing?
I start with pencil and paper for the sketch and then scan and paint in openCanvas. I do final image processing in Photoshop.

Can I buy a print?
Yes, I have high resolution prints available for $20 + shipping, message me with the suggestions form about which one you would like.

How much is a commission?
Commissions vary a lot in price. On the low end, a drawing in pencil on 9"x12" paper of one character would be $10 + shipping. An 11"x14"-ish sized print of an original digital painting like the ones on the site would be $100 + shipping. I also work in copic (pen) and watercolor and 9"x12" commissions of those would be about $40 and $50 respectively (+ shipping). And of course I can do something larger or more complex. For commissions I draw pretty much anything: boudoir portraits, fan art, yaoi, yuri, futari, furry, etc.


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